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Peaceful Lake

We are lucky to live on a private lake. The lake was so peaceful today, even though it was in the 90′s! I have really enjoyed looking out at the lake these past few months that I haven’t been working. When I was working, I guess I just never took the time, I suppose because my days were so busy. I’m going to miss these lazy days when I go back to work!


Guess what is finished? Yup! I am so happy with my Vermont felted bag! I ran out of yarn, so as a crafty person would do, I searched for a way to make a different handle. Can you guess what this handle was meant to be used for? Leave a comment with your guess!


What a Grand Scarf

Yummy yarn cakes

Yarn Cakes 1

I have been just LOVING this pattern and yarn. The yarn is Lindon Merino in the Siofra colorway from three Irish girls. I have purchased several of the girls yarns, and they are all just to die for! Their store has become my favorite place to buy yarn online. Check them out!!! I am so excited that my wait on their waiting list for their yarn of the month club is over! I can’t wait to get my first club shipment!


The pattern is named “Baby, What a Grand Alpaca Scarf”, it is a free knitting pattern I found here. It is a very simple, easy to follow pattern. If you can knit, purl and slip a stitch, you can loom (or needle knit) this awesome pattern! I love how this pattern is working out….the checkerboard little boxes created really highlight this awesome yarn! I am using a regular gauge Wonderloom made by Decor Accents Inc.. It has fast become my favorite loom to knit with. Check it out here.

I just love making yarn cakes, still no luck on finding a job as a yarn cake maker…I won’t give up hope that I’ll find a job I love as much as I love making yarn cakes!

Yarn Cakes

My best friend Shelly even enjoyed making a yarn cake with my swift yesterday! I also gave her a short lesson on how to weave on my Ashford Knitters Loom! She did a great job, and I’m hoping it spiked her interest in the yarn loving world!

Vermont Felted Bag

I started knitting the Vermont felted bag (its a free pattern!) today with some beautiful hand spun merino/corriedale blended yarn I purchased from Maine Woods Yarn and Fibers. This yarn is just luscious! It is hand painted with a combination of pinks, roses, lavenders, purples and turquoise. I can’t wait to complete the bag!

Vermont Felted Bag

Oranges, Fair St Louis, Debbie Macomber and L&V socks!


My next woven scarf will be Oranges! I can’t wait to get this warp threaded and start weaving! My Beka loom arrived, but I will be weaving this scarf on my Ashford Knitters Loom.

I have a really hard time getting the length of the warp correct. I suppose with more experience, this will get easier. I sure hope so anyway. I wish I had my own personal weaving mentor.



Exciting news alert! I finally purchased a swift! I really am glad I took my time and researched all the swifts out there. This one is nice because you don’t have to clamp it to a table, it has it’s own base. You can find this Nifty Swift here. No more tangled yarn! Yahoooooooooooo!




Here is a little purse I knitted up yesterday. I love small purses that you can hang around your neck. Just enough room for cell phone, drivers license, cash, mints, keys.

I knitted it with three different wool yarns, 2 shades of Bartlett Yarns, and 1 shade of Noro. It could be felted, but I like it as is. (Click on picture to see full sized view.) I’ll add an i-cord string and make good use of it at Fair St Louis this 4th of July!

Fair St LouisSpeaking of Fair St Louis, I can’t even put into words how awesome it is to sit under the Arch and watch the amazing fireworks presentation. The City of St Louis goes all out, the fireworks seem to be never ending. Just when you think “Wow, those were great”, and think they are over, to your surprise, another 10 minutes of fireworks arrive!


A Good YarnShop on Blossom Street I absolutely loved The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber!


Audible has a great interview with Debbie and the interview is free!

L&VSocksI have been working on the Tulip Socks by Isela since the cruise. I am using Lime and Violet Sasquatch Fairhaven sock yarn. It is lovely! Socks take forever to knit, I’ve discovered. I don’t think I’ll get on the sock bandwagon! It will be a miracle if I finish this one sock!!!!


Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Birthday

Check out this awesome purse I got for my birthday from my good friends Murr and Rocky! They got it from Amy at bandamy boutique . Amy is so talented. Go check out her boutique!!! I can only dream of making a purse this beautiful!

Purse from Murr

Thank you Murr and Rocky!!

My order from DALooms arrived on my birthday! What a nice treat! The looms are pictured with my new warp board for my weaving adventures!

Looms and Warp Board

Here is a picture of my latest yarn I’ll be using to warp soon!

Warp Yarn

I finished my first woven scarf! One thing I did learn right off the bat is….you MUST do math to weave! LOL My teachers and I didn’t do that well on our math for my first scarf project. My scarf ended up being 90 inches long, instead of 75! I am pleased as punch with it anyway! I’ve already got my second warp done and will be setting it up on the loom and I’ll be off and running on my second woven scarf. I measured twice this time!

1st Woven Scarf





Baby, I’m warped!

Such an exciting week! I finished the brocade baby sweater. It is pictured on my Sweet & Innocent doll by Lee Middleton Original Dolls. She is just beautiful with her new warm sweater on!

1st baby sweater


The shawl in the background is my own pattern (see comments for pattern), using yarn I purchased on ebay from The Spin Zone. She has lovely yarn! I have purchased from her twice, and have added her to my favorite sellers!

The most exciting news is….I took my weaving lesson! I had two teachers, who had never used the Ashford knitters loom. I think they had just as much fun as I did with the little loom. They taught me how to setup the warp, as I would set it up if I was warping one of the larger floor looms. Which is great, because I want to eventually weave on a floor loom also!

First Woven Scarf

I am in love with weaving on this loom! It is so relaxing, even more so than knitting! I should be finished with the weaving portion of the scarf later today. I will add fringe to each side and will proudly post a picture when it is complete! I can’t wait to start my next weaved scarf!

When I was at the weaving lesson, I was telling the teacher about my recent love of knitting, yarn and now my interest in weaving. She said to me “did you just retire?” I laughed and stated “well, I am semi-retired for the moment and am enjoying my newfound love of fiber arts to the fullest!”

I really don’t want to do the work I’ve spent the last 18 years, Information Systems, Network Engineer. I am so bored with everything there is to do with fixing and maintaining a computer/network.

I have a massive desire to open my own yarn store here in the valley. I’ve been doing research to see what all is involved with such a venture. I’m secretly hoping a venture capital god or goddess will swoop down upon me and grant my wish! Are you my hero? Contact me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! A girl can dream!

Once you’ve warped, whats weft?

Tracking Where I’m at

Hubby and I survived the graduation and graduation party for son #2. We both were still fighting mono. We had a good time despite our illness! I spent a good part of the weekend weeping, especially after reading the calendar I wrote in every day of his first year of life. I remember when I started doing a daily note in the calendar that I thought the child would treasure it when he grew up. As I sat and read each note, it was overwhelming how much I treasure it!

Baby Calendar

Today is the first day in a week where I feel normal. Since we had company all weekend, and I wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t get a lot of knitting done, but I was able to complete one arm for the baby sweater! This is my first attempt at a sweater and its been really fun!

Baby Sweater #1

Pattern by Isela

I’ve found that if I make a Word table, I can track where I am in a repeating pattern easier. Here is an example:





















Tomorrow is my class on the Ashford Knitting Loom! I can’t wait!!!

Laughter is the best medicine

Graduating son was kind enough to share mono with me, so I spent the day yesterday in bed, with absolutely no energy whatsoever! I did take the time to download a few new-to-me podcasts and had a great time listening to Marly’s Yarn Thing! What a hoot! I would just love to hang out with her and her friends! I just love listening to people laugh!


Thankfully my little Dell laptop still works, because after the podcast I went blog reading to all the links from all the podcasts I’ve joined. Okay, so now I am collecting not only yarn, looms, and books, but also podcasts and blogs! Life is good.

Thanks to Marly, I have another new favorite yarn online store. Check out LittleKnits! Some of the best yarn deals I’ve ever seen on the internet! Quality names you want and you can buy them in bags!!!!!! wooooooooooo hooooooooo!

Even though I had no energy, I did start my first baby sweater. It’s Brocade Baby Sweater from Isela’s new book “Loom Knitting Primer.” I received an email from my Aunt in Texas that announced my cousin’s new baby boy. Yahooo! I can knit baby stuff without getting evil glances from my not-yet-ready-for-parenthood sons!

I wanted to pass on a great tip I got from Marly’s podcast…I’m going to take my knitting books to Kinko’s and and have them rebound with wire binding so I can then lay the book flat while knitting! What a great idea!

Laughter is the best medicine

Feeling better today, thankfully! Party for graduating son is Sunday! I was afraid we were going to have to call it off with both myself and hubby sick. Party on!


Merry Christmas in May to meeeeeeee!!

Yahoo!! I am so excited! My order from Paradise Fibers arrived today!!! I am like a girl on Christmas day! I don’t know where to start. I’ve been just admiring it all for hours now!

Ashford Knitting/Weaving Loom

view a video on this loom at Ashford

Ashford Loom items

Ashford Loom



I can hardly stand how happy I am! I’ve already read the Ashford Book of Weaving for Knitters. It is full of ideas for making 25 different scarves, with yarns I already have in my stash! The manual that comes with the loom is awesome. Detailed instructions with step by step pictures! The loom is very light weight and you fold up the loom at anytime with your weaving in place and take it with you. SWOOOOOON!!!!

Drop Spindle Kit

A wonderful introduction to hand spinning! Making your own yarn from scratch. It will be such a thrill to complete my first spun wool!

Drop Spindle Kit


I finished the first section of my baby blanket! No grandchildren in sight yet, but I will be a prepared Grandma when the time comes!!

baby blanket section 1


What a great day!!!!

Off the Loom!

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Aspen Bag pattern by Isela

Aspen Bag


Waves of Lace Shawl

Pattern by Lisa



Booga bag

Satchel Purse


Warm Poncho