The looms keep saying “Knit something on me!”

I remember when I was a little kid, and we would have a nice Sunday dinner. There was this game I played with the food, for example: a kernel of corn that would be off to the side on my plate. I imagined it saying “eat me next!” I have the hips to prove that I have played that game for far too long! LOL

Well, my friends, my looms are speaking to me too! “Knit something on me next!”

My house has been invaded! Nary a corner does not contain a loom with a project started on it. How can one just have one project started? I’ll never know.

For instance, one loom has a afghan started…this project will take some time…not something that will be finished in a day or so.

Another loom has a rug started, a fun project, but the yarn can annoy the fingers after too much knitting.

Both these projects are long term projects, on longer looms.Rug in Progress

Two looms have poncho’s started. I ran out of yarn for the first poncho and had to order a couple more skeins. Yes! It’s true! I ran out of yarn!!! The second loom holds a poncho that I am using different stitches I’ve learned. So it is experimental and I often forget what I am doing on it! LOL

Bohemian Poncho needs yarn!



This loom holds an experimental purse I am making.

The yarn on this loom also tends to annoy the fingers, so must be done in small groups of time.


Purse in Progress



A set of small looms are being used to make Easter bunny’s and Easter eggs. Just quick for fun things.

The set of small looms in my car are there for emergency knitting situations! LOL

There is a set of knifty knitters, a five foot loom and a set of sock looms. All are just staring at me and I know they are wondering why they aren’t being utilized. I am certain that I will ease their pain soon!

Not to mention the items that I’ve taken off the loom, but have not quite completed. Several purses that need to be lined, a couple of scarves that need to have fringe added. Oh! and the unfinished, different sized mittens….those can wait till next winter!

What to start on first? Oh! I bought this amazing shawl pattern…maybe I’ll start there!

Waves of Lace Shawl

Knit on!!


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