Tracking Where I’m at

Hubby and I survived the graduation and graduation party for son #2. We both were still fighting mono. We had a good time despite our illness! I spent a good part of the weekend weeping, especially after reading the calendar I wrote in every day of his first year of life. I remember when I started doing a daily note in the calendar that I thought the child would treasure it when he grew up. As I sat and read each note, it was overwhelming how much I treasure it!

Baby Calendar

Today is the first day in a week where I feel normal. Since we had company all weekend, and I wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t get a lot of knitting done, but I was able to complete one arm for the baby sweater! This is my first attempt at a sweater and its been really fun!

Baby Sweater #1

Pattern by Isela

I’ve found that if I make a Word table, I can track where I am in a repeating pattern easier. Here is an example:





















Tomorrow is my class on the Ashford Knitting Loom! I can’t wait!!!


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