Baby, I’m warped!

Such an exciting week! I finished the brocade baby sweater. It is pictured on my Sweet & Innocent doll by Lee Middleton Original Dolls. She is just beautiful with her new warm sweater on!

1st baby sweater


The shawl in the background is my own pattern (see comments for pattern), using yarn I purchased on ebay from The Spin Zone. She has lovely yarn! I have purchased from her twice, and have added her to my favorite sellers!

The most exciting news is….I took my weaving lesson! I had two teachers, who had never used the Ashford knitters loom. I think they had just as much fun as I did with the little loom. They taught me how to setup the warp, as I would set it up if I was warping one of the larger floor looms. Which is great, because I want to eventually weave on a floor loom also!

First Woven Scarf

I am in love with weaving on this loom! It is so relaxing, even more so than knitting! I should be finished with the weaving portion of the scarf later today. I will add fringe to each side and will proudly post a picture when it is complete! I can’t wait to start my next weaved scarf!

When I was at the weaving lesson, I was telling the teacher about my recent love of knitting, yarn and now my interest in weaving. She said to me “did you just retire?” I laughed and stated “well, I am semi-retired for the moment and am enjoying my newfound love of fiber arts to the fullest!”

I really don’t want to do the work I’ve spent the last 18 years, Information Systems, Network Engineer. I am so bored with everything there is to do with fixing and maintaining a computer/network.

I have a massive desire to open my own yarn store here in the valley. I’ve been doing research to see what all is involved with such a venture. I’m secretly hoping a venture capital god or goddess will swoop down upon me and grant my wish! Are you my hero? Contact me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! A girl can dream!

Once you’ve warped, whats weft?


One response to “Baby, I’m warped!

  1. Here is the simple pattern for the shawl.
    3 balls yarn
    28″ rake loom

    1. Knit 68
    2. Purl 68
    3. Knit 68
    4. Purl 68
    5. *Knit 2, drop stitch 1* repeat * to *, end with knit 2
    6. Repeat Row 5 till shawl measures 60 inches
    7. Repeat rows 1-4 and bind off

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