Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Birthday

Check out this awesome purse I got for my birthday from my good friends Murr and Rocky! They got it from Amy at bandamy boutique . Amy is so talented. Go check out her boutique!!! I can only dream of making a purse this beautiful!

Purse from Murr

Thank you Murr and Rocky!!

My order from DALooms arrived on my birthday! What a nice treat! The looms are pictured with my new warp board for my weaving adventures!

Looms and Warp Board

Here is a picture of my latest yarn I’ll be using to warp soon!

Warp Yarn

I finished my first woven scarf! One thing I did learn right off the bat is….you MUST do math to weave! LOL My teachers and I didn’t do that well on our math for my first scarf project. My scarf ended up being 90 inches long, instead of 75! I am pleased as punch with it anyway! I’ve already got my second warp done and will be setting it up on the loom and I’ll be off and running on my second woven scarf. I measured twice this time!

1st Woven Scarf






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