Our Cruise

We had such a great time on our cruise! So much so that we didn’t want to get off the boat when it docked back in New Orelans!

The ship was the Carnival Fantasy. It is an older boat, but still wonderful!

Carnival Fantasy

We were on the Verandah deck, the 5th suite on the top row, front of the boat. The suite was nice, it had a balcony. We decided that we will always want to get a balcony room on future cruises. It is so peaceful sitting out on that balcony!

The boat was well equipped with anything you could want or need. Plenty of good food, slots for me and Texas poker for hubby. Swimming pools, although hubby and I never used them…the water looked a bit murky, given there were 2000 guests on board. Even though they changed the water in the pools daily, it just wasn’t inviting to me!

We enjoyed several of the shows. One night there was a very funny comedian. Another night there was a comedian that hypnotized a group of passengers. That was hysterical! He had the men on stage believing they were giving birth for instance, it was too funny! One night, they had ballroom dancing lessons. Hubby and I didn’t participate, but did sit in the audience and watched. I have never laughed so hard in my life! There were a couple of passengers on stage that seriously should never dance! LOL

I spent a good amount of time just sitting in the lounge chair knitting. I didn’t see anyone else knitting on the cruise, which surprised me. It was very relaxing sitting there knitting away while watching the ocean pass by out the window. I had a tote bag that I always carried my knitting in, just in case the urge to knit hit me. Which it did often! I finished a small purse and got started on a sock pattern.

I often wondered to myself what I did with my time before knitting. I must have been bored!!!! I just love knitting! Knitting is the best thing I’ve done for my life in a long time!

I listened to both the following books on my Ipod:

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting

Land of Knitting

The Friday Night Knitting Club By: Kate Jacobs

Knitting Club

Both books were great! I would highly recommend them both!

Hubby went scuba diving on our first stop in Costa Maya. I took a taxi to the village and spent the day knitting in an outdoor resturant, swimming in the ocean, shopping. I also had the best massage I’ve ever had in my life, by a small Mexican woman on the beach. I truly wanted to bring her home with me, she was that good at massage!

On our second stop, Cozumel, hubby and I took a taxi into town and shopped. Then we got on a boat and did some snorkeling. Oh, I haven’t mentioned the color of the ocean water….it was light turquoise blue..just stunningly blue, so clear. Beautiful!

Hubby forgot his camera, and we never got around to purchasing one while on the boat, so I don’t have any pictures. I do have a couple pictures that were taken on the cruise by the cruise paparazzi. I’ll upload those once I get them scanned.

We can’t wait to take our next cruise! For sure 7 – 10 days. 5 days just isn’t long enough!

Tomorrow, Son #2 and I are headed to Colorado to register him for college! I am looking forward to that, along with meeting up with my old friends. (I lived in Colorado for 18 years prior to moving to Missouri.) We are also taking a side trip to Estes Park. My favorite place on earth! If you are ever in Colorado, it is a must go to destination!

Estes Park


One response to “Our Cruise

  1. TJ:

    Glad you had such a wonderful time on the cruise – can’t wait to hear more about it. Love the site – I am jealous about how much you have done.

    Love ya!

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