Colorado Visit

TrailridgeSon #2 and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Colorado. The focus of our trip was registering him for college. We flew to Denver, rented a car and drove to Estes Park, CO. Had lunch and enjoyed the shops. We then drove through Rocky Mountain National Park over Trail Ridge mountain and ended up in Steamboat Springs. What a beautiful drive!


PinebeetlesI was very sad to see that pine and spruce beetles are infesting the mountainous evergreen forests. I realized that this is a natural phenomenon but it is still sad to see acres and acres of evergreens dead and brown due to the beetles.

Colorado is in the midst of a pine beetle infestation that has destroyed close to half of the state’s lodgepole pines.

Colorado Mountain College, Alpine campus in Steamboat Springs, CO

CMC Registration

What a beautiful place to go to college! Steamboat Springs has been a favorite vacation spot for our family, so I am just thrilled that he will be getting his education here, and will also have the luxury of snowboarding on a daily basis! He’ll have the life many of us have only dreamed of!

CMC Dorm

CMC Mama


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  1. Hello,
    My #2 daughter is going to Steamboat this fall! We are currently in Argentina visiting daughter #1. I found your blog by accident. You can read about our trip at

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