Oranges, Fair St Louis, Debbie Macomber and L&V socks!


My next woven scarf will be Oranges! I can’t wait to get this warp threaded and start weaving! My Beka loom arrived, but I will be weaving this scarf on my Ashford Knitters Loom.

I have a really hard time getting the length of the warp correct. I suppose with more experience, this will get easier. I sure hope so anyway. I wish I had my own personal weaving mentor.



Exciting news alert! I finally purchased a swift! I really am glad I took my time and researched all the swifts out there. This one is nice because you don’t have to clamp it to a table, it has it’s own base. You can find this Nifty Swift here. No more tangled yarn! Yahoooooooooooo!




Here is a little purse I knitted up yesterday. I love small purses that you can hang around your neck. Just enough room for cell phone, drivers license, cash, mints, keys.

I knitted it with three different wool yarns, 2 shades of Bartlett Yarns, and 1 shade of Noro. It could be felted, but I like it as is. (Click on picture to see full sized view.) I’ll add an i-cord string and make good use of it at Fair St Louis this 4th of July!

Fair St LouisSpeaking of Fair St Louis, I can’t even put into words how awesome it is to sit under the Arch and watch the amazing fireworks presentation. The City of St Louis goes all out, the fireworks seem to be never ending. Just when you think “Wow, those were great”, and think they are over, to your surprise, another 10 minutes of fireworks arrive!


A Good YarnShop on Blossom Street I absolutely loved The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber!


Audible has a great interview with Debbie and the interview is free!

L&VSocksI have been working on the Tulip Socks by Isela since the cruise. I am using Lime and Violet Sasquatch Fairhaven sock yarn. It is lovely! Socks take forever to knit, I’ve discovered. I don’t think I’ll get on the sock bandwagon! It will be a miracle if I finish this one sock!!!!



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