Wool in the West

While on our trip to Steamboat Springs, I picked up a copy of the May 2007 publication of Rural Living Magazine. What caught my attention was the headline “Wool in the West.” Rural Living Magazine Cover May 2007


I thought, this has got to be an article I want to read, given I LOVE wool!

I read the article today and wanted to share it with all the knitters out there that also count wool amongst their favorite things! I contacted Kelsey Berkoff, Contributing Writer for Rural Living Magazine and she was so kind to grant permission for me to post her article!

Check it out by clicking the tag at the top of the page “Wool in the West.” If you have problems clicking on the tab at the top of the page, you can go directly to the page here.

Thank you Kelsey for sharing your well written, very informative article with us!

Check out this site, Woolcrafting for awesome information on crafting with wool!


2 responses to “Wool in the West

  1. Tamara-
    I just had to track you down to thank you for the uber -nice review. I got absolutely giddy when i just found it…..I really appreciate your kind words.! I see you are a mom o’ three…does your weaving save your sanity like knitting does mine? Do you knit??
    take care and again thanks-

  2. I just took up weaving in May 2007. I took a lesson on needle knitting about 10 years ago, but it didn’t take. I’ve been knitting on looms since December 2006. I’m totally warped and addicted to yarn!

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