Eat, Pray, Love – Inspiring



If you read one book this summer, I highly suggest “eat, pray, love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I rarely read a book twice, let alone twice in a span of a few months. I have read this one twice, and will most likely read it over and over!

This book and the writer are so inspiring. I have often dreamed of writing a book. Although I have no idea what the book would be about, or HOW to write a book, I dream that one day I will. If you too have this dream, check out Elizabeth’s website with tips on how to write a book and get published here.

This book is Elizabeth Gilbert’s fourth and latest book – a #1 best selling memoir about the year she spent traveling around the world in search of personal restoration.

This is a wonderful book, brilliant and personal, rich in spiritual insight, filled with sorrow and a great sense of humor. Elizabeth Gilbert is everything you would love in a tour guide, of magical places she has traveled to both deep inside and across the oceans: she’s wise, jaunty, human, ethereal, hilarious, heartbreaking, and God, does she pay great attention to the things that really matter.” Anne Lamott

Much of Elizabeth’s writing has been optioned by Hollywood. Her GQ memoir about her bartending years became the Disney movie “Coyote Ugly.” According to Variety “Recently, Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” and will develop it as a star vehicle for Julia Roberts.

Happy reading! If you have a must-read book, I’d love to know, leave me a comment!



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