Peaceful Lake

We are lucky to live on a private lake. The lake was so peaceful today, even though it was in the 90’s! I have really enjoyed looking out at the lake these past few months that I haven’t been working. When I was working, I guess I just never took the time, I suppose because my days were so busy. I’m going to miss these lazy days when I go back to work!


Guess what is finished? Yup! I am so happy with my Vermont felted bag! I ran out of yarn, so as a crafty person would do, I searched for a way to make a different handle. Can you guess what this handle was meant to be used for? Leave a comment with your guess!



4 responses to “Peaceful Lake

  1. Kathryn Baptista

    I LOVE this bag. Is the handle a curtain trim? And what did you use for the decoration — a brooch? Finally, did you loom or needle knit this? I love it, and want to make one.

  2. Thank you! Yes! It is a tie back for a curtain. I purchased both the tie back for the handle and the pin from Hobby Lobby, in the sewing/curtain area of the store. Really cheap, I paid like $2.50 for the entire purchase! The tie back works really well as a bag handle, it is sturdy and pleasing to the touch! I will be making more bags using the tie backs as handles for sure!

    Yes, I used a regular gauge Wonderloom to knit the bag. The pattern is a knitting pattern, not written specifically for looms. I knit a lot of needle knitting patterns on my looms.

    It is a fast knit, no matter if you use a loom or needles.

    Let me know when you finish yours, I’d love to see it!

  3. This is a beautiful bag. Did you felt it? The color is great too. You are very talented and I love your blog and your family.


  4. Yes, the bag is felted. It is really an easy pattern to knit on the loom.

    Thank you for your nice comments! I was just on your blog today and watched the video for the two color scarf! Nice work! I will be starting one soon!

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