Trials and Tribulations

Sigh. I spent a good part of yesterday warping and setting up my Beka loom. All looked great…until I asked Son #3 to hold the back of the yarn tightly, so that I could wind up the warp onto the loom.

Somehow, the yarn came off the pegs on the back warp beam, and everything is a mess. I suspect I should have put rubber bands or something to keep the yarn stable there? I really have no idea.

This is the downfall of teaching yourself with books and trial and error. I really need to get a good lesson on setting up this loom! I am certain once I learn how to do this properly, the whole process will not only go quicker, it will be fun! Note to self….place that call, schedule a lesson!

UPDATE!!! I contacted Beka a their 888 number, told them about my loom, and my new best friend Renee said that I was missing the heddle blocks. She is sending me a set of heddle blocks and the original instructions that came with the loom and get this….all for free!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! What wonderful customer service. I bought the loom used, not directly from Beka. Amazing!! They have a customer for life in me now!

I guess the good part of this whole sad story is that I still can’t wait to weave this warp once it is put on properly…thats the true sign of a glutton for punishment artist right?

Here is a picture of something beautiful that made me smile today! Our first tomato from our tomato plant! I love fresh tomatoes! Hubby was so sweet to plant us one. We’ve got the tomato plant up on our porch, to keep it away from the thieving raccoons.

Yummmmmmmmm it is going to be tasty!


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