Weaving with Bargain Bin Yarn

Remember that tangled, ugly, totally messed up warp I had on my Beka loom awhile back? Well, I finally got the warp on properly. Thanks to Beka, I now have instructions for the loom. I had the loom totally put together incorrectly! It sure works a lot better when set up properly!

Score! Kirkwood Knittery, a LYS here in my area had an unbelievable sale…they had an entire bookcase of yarn discounted to one dollar a skein, YES!!!! $1.00!! !! I am using Brown Sheep Nature Spun, Mountain Purple for the warp. The weft has two yarns, Brown Sheep Nature Spun, Beet Red and Prisma mohar. These are three of the yarns that were in the dollar bin! I was good, I only purchased 15 skeins of yarn….but as I drove away, I could hear a voice telling me “Woman, you should have at LEAST bought 30 skeins at that price!”My fingers are pretty much raw after a week of working on Absorba, the great bathmat, from Mason Dixon Knitting. I am using Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, potpourri ombre. The bathmat is knit log cabin style with 3 strands held together, which means 6 strands total are on each peg on the loom. I am making the bathmat larger than the pattern dimensions called for.




Hubby and I are off to Eureka Springs, AK for a 5 day vacation this week! We’ve never been there, but I’ve been told I will love it! It is a little Victorian town, with lots of shops located in the beautiful Ozark mountains.


Awesome freebie pattern find of the week:

Best Friend

  Cover Art   Awesome music! Colbie has such a beautiful voice!She reminds me of Jack Johnson. She is touring with the Goo Goo Dolls. It is rare that I love every single song on a cd. I love this cd!Coco
Colbie Caillat

It is the FREE Song of the week on iTUNES! Go get it now!



4 responses to “Weaving with Bargain Bin Yarn

  1. Sure wish that you lived closer so that we could compare weaving notes. My lovely 4 harness is begging to be used. I have only warped it once last winter and it seems overwhelming to me right now.
    Your bargain yarn is weaving up beautifully!

  2. oh! You have no idea how much I wish we lived closer! I would just love to hang out with you and your wonderful fiber providing animals! I am sure I would learn so much from you!

    Hubby and I are on vacation, and on the drive down I told him all about how I want a farm just like yours, and about how much I have learned just by reading your blog!

    I want to get a 4 harness loom so bad. I keep looking for sales on a good used model. I am planning on taking a lesson on a 4 harness sometime in the next few months. I am sure once I have that lesson under my belt I will want my own!

    Both skeins of the yarn I got from you are in my “too pretty to do anything with yet” box 🙂 I pick it up, pet it and just sit and daydream about what it will become. As soon as I get inspiration and knit it up, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  3. I wonder if you would share how to warp the beka rigid heddle loom? I have purchased one, and do not know what to do with the “teeth” on each beam. I have another RH loom, and warp with ties, using paper bags when winding on the back beam. But the teeth have me stumped.

    thanks for any info you can pass on.
    ps your weaving is beautiful

  4. I’d be glad to post how I warp my Beka loom. I am a self taught beginner on this loom myself, so keep that in mind when you read how I do it! I, too was confused by how to set it up, and I’ve come up with a way that is easy for me.

    I am in the middle of warping the loom right now. I will post some step by step pictures in the next few days so check back!

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