Our Summer Vacation

Eureka Springs, AK…the place to go for adventure, relaxation, scenery, lodging, shopping…and a heaping dose of the great outdoors!

Hubby and I had a wonderful time in Eureka Springs, AK. What a beautiful destination! I never knew how much I liked Victorian style homes. This little town is full of them! And the gardens, oh how lovely.

My wonderful hubby took me to the only yarn store within 50 miles, Little Bo Peep’s Yarn and Antiques, on our first day in Eureka Springs! There we met Michelle, the owner of the shop. I wish I had my camera with me, as her shop is adorable! Be sure to stop by and see Michelle if you visit! I came home with some lovely yarns that I am anxious to work with!I also scored on a beautiful cedar chest to store my yarn!

Eureka Springs must have most of the worlds best chefs in residence. Every single meal we ate was superb! If you visit, be sure to eat dinner at Ermilio’s. By far this is the best Italian food I’ve ever tasted in the US.

We were entertained by the fact that Hells Angels were in town while we were there! What a sight! The estimates were that over 500 Hells Angels would be in town for the weekend. You couldn’t drive far without seeing a group of motorcycles along with the ATF, FBI, federal, state and local police. Hubby was VERY entertained watching the Hells Angels and the law enforcement groups watching each other! It was a sight to see for sure! I was too chicken to ask if I could get my picture taken with a group of the Hells Angels.
While hubby and I were in Eureka Springs, our youngest son was at Bucks and Spurs dude ranch outside of Ava, MO. The ranch is beautiful. If you are looking for a western ranch, with no less than 45 beautiful horses, breath taking countryside, immaculate cabins and great down home cooking check them out! Son #3 had a great time. This was his third year at the dude ranch.

We arrived at the ranch on Friday, so Hubby got to ride Friday night and Saturday morning.

I spent treasured time alone, on the beautiful porch of the amazing cabin both knitting and reading. I read three books cover to cover on our five day vacation!

Take a look at all of our summer vacation photo’s here


One response to “Our Summer Vacation

  1. Hey! Thanks for the good words about Eureka Springs. It is wonderful here– even the politics! Hope you re-visit soon.


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