Devo Scarf, woven scarf and aluminum pull-tab purse

The Devo Scarf is a manly scarf!

I love this FREE pattern, and the yarn (Filatura Di Crosa Zarone) is just wonderful to work with!

I plan to make several more of these for the men in my life! This one is for hubby.

Son #2 is the handsome model. He is off to Colorado and college next week. So, Mom will be taking lots of pictures. He’ll just have to deal.

The scarf used 3.5 balls of Zarone, color 726 and I knit it on my favorite regular gauge Wonderloom.

Regular Gauge Wonderloom

Here is a woven scarf I recently completed!

Check out this bag!

mahsa purse

Eco-friendly materials. Designers are finding innovative ways to incorporate reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable materials into stylish bags.

Escama – conversation-evoking handme bags made from aluminum can pull-tabs, in four sizes (Supple and lightweight, it’s hand crocheted with over 1,600 recycled aluminum pull-tabs.

Comes with nylon fabric liner, YKK zipper closure, one inside zipped pocket, shoulder strap with hand crocheted padding.

How cool is that? Massively cool!


2 responses to “Devo Scarf, woven scarf and aluminum pull-tab purse

  1. Here is a link to a book on how to make pull tab purses.

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