What is behind the case of water?

We live in the woods. I love looking out the window to see nothing but beautiful trees. I love it when there is a slight wind in the air, and the leaves gracefully blow. I love driving down our drive surrounded by trees. I love that the trees are homes and playgrounds to birds, squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies, lizards – wild animals.

However, today, I was in the kitchen (barefooted) and decided to load the case of bottled water sitting against the wall into the refrigerator. While we have very excellent well water, I love really cold water and enjoy a bottle of water now and again. I picked up the case and turned ever so slightly to my right to head towards the refrigerator.

My eyes widen.

Fast heart palpitations.

Drop the case of water.

Jump onto the counter.


No response from son. I feel sobbing coming on.

I scream again, and think to myself, I may have to sit on this counter for a long time.

Son #3 comes running into the kitchen, “What is wrong?”

I explain that I was putting the water into the refrigerator. He glances down. He sees it.

A dead chipmunk.

Son #3 is thirteen years old. He saved me from a life of living on the counter top today.

Moral of the story…always keep at least one son in the house, if you live in the woods.


One response to “What is behind the case of water?

  1. Thought your story was cute! I expected some thoughtful analysis of the amount of energy that goes into producing a case of water, with admonitions for not buying it, or something ecological like that, and was delighted to read what you REALLY wrote about! I’m ok with chipmunks and such, but don’t do terribly well with wasps. Found you on the yahoo weaving list, but don’t see where to add my name and stats on your website for tracking locations!
    Regards, and your family and woods are beautiful! Ruth

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