Weaving a balanced weave shawl – Step Two

Measuring the warp

This is in my opinion the least fun part of weaving. I’ve heard experienced weavers say that they love this part. Perhaps once I’ve become more experienced I’ll be enlightened as to why!

I use a 4.5 yard warping board. The pegs are 18 inches (half a yard) apart. Since my warp length is 116” that means I will need to warp 3.2 yards of yarn. Since I have 24 inches in loom waste, and I can make the fringe shorter than 6 inches on each side if I need to, I’m going with 3 yards even to make my life easier.

To begin measuring the warp, I tie a thicker piece of yarn to use as a guide string to the top left peg using a slip knot. I take the yarn to the far right top peg, then down to the second peg on the left. I then go across to the third peg on the right, then across to the fourth peg on the left then across to the bottom right peg then to the bottom left peg. This thicker piece of yarn marks the path I will go when I warp the yarn.

Now I take my warp yarn and follow the thick piece of yarn around the board. I wind the yarn so that I have 16 passes and then I take the warp off the board. I like to dress the loom in groups of 16. I do this because I get bored winding the entire width of the warp, then dressing the loom. Also, I don’t have to mess with making a cross, because the yarn in small bundles won’t tangle and get messed up. So I break it into smaller chunks and repeat step two warp measuring and step three dressing of the loom until I complete the required width.

I will repeat steps two and three 6 times in groups of 16 and then I will do one repeat of a group of 20 to equal the 116 threads I need to have for my warp. I find this method makes the warping process much more enjoyable.

In the next step, we will dress the loom!


One response to “Weaving a balanced weave shawl – Step Two

  1. i am in process of backing off the warp I put on my Beka because I want to add to it (make it wider). I need to plan better! Your idea of doing it in smaller chunks might help me out of this mess in the first place.

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