Weaving a balanced weave shawl – Step Three

Dressing the loom

While dressing the loom takes the most time when weaving a project, I find this step to be fun and relaxing!

The Beka loom has a warp beam (shown at the top of the picture) and a cloth beam (shown on the bottom of the picture)

Put a bow tie on each section at ends of the warp.

Carefully cut both ends of the warp and remove it from the warping board.


To begin threading the heddle, be sure the heddle is sitting up on the shed blocks. This is the upper position. (as seen in the first picture.)

From the cloth beam side of the loom, gather the first group of 8 ends of yarn and begin threading the heddle. Thread the heddle through holes and slots. Start in the center of the heddle. When 8 ends have been threaded, tie them together with a piece of yarn in a bowtie. Continue with the second 8 ends.

Move to the warp beam side of the loom. Cut pieces of cord 14 inches long one for each warp bundle. Fold the cords in half and tie the ends in an overhand knot.

Attach these cords to the warp bundles with a larks head knot. To learn how to make a larks head knot, click here. Hook the knotted ends of the cords over several dents on the warp beam.

Go back and repeat step two for the next group of 16 warp ends. Repeat until you have all 116 ends attached to bundles as described in step three.

In the next step, we will wind the warp onto the warp beam!


5 responses to “Weaving a balanced weave shawl – Step Three

  1. where is step 4?!?! i finally found a site to help me warp my loom (i am self taught too) and i am stuck at step 3. please post again!

  2. I am a beginner and have read multiple instructions on warping but still find them confusing. I understand how to determine the amount of yarn and ends needed but it is the wrapping and knowing when and where to cut. So far you have the best instructions! I think I will finally be able to warp. I have the same loom and warping board as you have illustrated. I too will look forward to step 4.

  3. I too would love to see Step 4!!!

  4. I just received a Spear Loom- trying to figure out how to warp. Would love to see step four.

  5. I’m chiming in–I would love to see step 4 as well! I inferred kinda what the next step MIGHT be, but I know I’m doing it wrong. I acquired a vintage Yarnbenders loom which is almost exactly like your Beka, but it didn’t come with instructions. Your page is the ONLY site I’ve seen after hours of Googling that shows how to warp a loom like this! I have about a foot woven so far, just on 20 ends for practice, but I am so happy to be weaving at all that even that is satisfying. 🙂

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