Weaving a balanced weave shawl – Step I’m a Dork

We break from this lesson for this important dorky moment.

Well, I got the warp all set up on the loom, put it on the loom stand, all excited to start weaving. I wound the warp so that I would have at least six inches of yarn for the fringe. Then I wove a few rows of cotton material to get started.

All excited and proud of myself, I started weaving with the two weft yarns. On the first row, I noticed that something just didn’t feel right. I thought, oh its just the beginning, no worries. Next row in the down shed, I think to myself….No! Something is terribly wrong here!

I discovered that I had thread the heddle upside down. This makes it harder to get the heddle into the up and down shed positions. I think to myself, well, maybe I can just go with it this way.

I weave a few more rows. Hey, what is that? Oh no! About 6 slots in, I totally missed threading a slot. I’m such a dork.

Lesson four – Check to make sure everything is correct prior to tying off the warp!

The good news is, I love how the warp and two weft threads look.

Off to re-thread the heddle!


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