Life is a Journey

Son’s number one and two are off to college. What an amazing journey they are taking. I’ve been thinking a lot about journeys lately. I’ve been basically unemployed since December 2006, having only worked on a few IT consulting gigs. I’ve come to realize that after 18+ years of working in the IT industry that I am totally burned out on it and really want to find a new career. So I am on a new journey right now. I haven’t figured out where this journey is taking me just yet, but I am excited to begin anew.

In the past 8 months, my journey has been full on new things. I’ve learned to knit and weave. I learned what a blog is and created my own. I’ve gained a new-found love for everything fiber. I covet the lovely skeins of yarn in my collection. I dream of being an alpaca farmer. I think I have become a much happier, peaceful and interesting person these last 8 months. I am very thankful to my husband, for being understanding and supportive of me.

Celeste from North Star Alpacas

But back to journeys. I’m happy with my life journey. I was raised by hard working parents, my mother worked third shift in a plastics factory and my father was an over the road trucker. Their example led me to want to be a hard worker too. And a hard worker I became. I take great pride in the work I have accomplished over the years. One of the wonderful things about being a parent is just by living your life, you are inspiring your children by example.

While I am indeed sad that Son #1 and Son #2 are both in college in Colorado, I cannot help but be overjoyed that they are beginning their life journey. I often wonder what life has taught them today? What has surprisingly sparked their interest? What do they dream about?

I am so pleased that I am able to send the boys to college. It brings me great joy indeed! While my parents provided for me and my brothers, we never really wanted for anything, they were not able to send me to college. To be honest, right out of high school, I wasn’t really interested in college. I was interested in making money, taking care of myself without their help.

When I turned 25, I was interested, and began what was a six year stint at a community college with a two year associates degree in computer information systems as my goal. When I think back on those years now, I am amazed at what I accomplished. I was a wife with two young sons, working full time, attending community college and helping husband with the books for his business. It makes me tired just thinking of how I managed it all.

Life is a journey. I prefer to think of it that way, rather than thinking of life as just another day. Where is my new journey headed? Stay tuned and we’ll both find out!


2 responses to “Life is a Journey

  1. Tamara, thank you for sharing this piece of your life. Our experiences are so parallel – working parents instilling our work ethic, not enough money for college but getting through anyway, being so happy that we could send our kids on to a further education, coming into fiber arts later in our journey (of course, I’m waaay older than you).
    Also thanks for mentioning our farm.

  2. Life is a journey, through all stages of life. What an exciting time for you, finding a new career and a new way of life! I am so happy for you!
    (thanks for your help with my computer!)

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