Grand Daughter Hat

I’m not a grandma yet. Probably won’t be for many years. Does this deter me from wanting to knit cute little girl items? No! Having three sons, they are very aware that I am expecting a ton of grand daughters one day! (Can you see my son’s shaking their heads? I’m certain that is the case!)

I had this awesome yarn from Three Irish Girls that I have had for a few months and I was anxious to use. I only purchased one 90 yard hank, so it took me some time to think about what to make with it. The colors are my favorites – Riddermark Merino, Donegan colorway – chocolate brown and turquoise.

I knew with the short yardage in the hank, I couldn’t make a scarf, or maybe not even a hat for an adult without having to purchase another hank. At about 11 pm last night, it dawned on me. I’m going to make a hat for my yet to be conceived grand daughter.
granddaughter hat
Here is the pattern I made up to make this cute little hat, I think this hat will fit a 3-5 year old child, but don’t have one of those to test it on. (Insert sad, pouting sound here)

Sample knit on the round green knifty knitter loom, working in the round.

Yarn is a chunky three ply 100% merino, 90 yards. You can find the yarn here. This yarn is soft, downright hugable yarn.

Row 1 chunky braid stitch (cast on then wrap the loom 3 more times, then knit 3 over 1)

Row 2 knit

Row 3 purl

Row 4-8 repeat rows 2 and 3

Row 9 purl

Row 10 – repeat rows 2 and 3 until the entire hat measures 7 inches from the cast on edge

The next rows, you set up to decrease for the crown. Put a stitch marker every 9 pegs. This will remind you where your group starts and ends. You will have four groups of nine.

Start with the first group of nine. Move the yarn on the first peg to the second peg. Then go to the ninth peg and move the yarn on that peg to the eighth peg. Now go back to the first peg now in this group and knit all the remaining pegs in the group. The first and last pegs you will knit 2 over 1 on those pegs.

Purl the next row of this group of pegs.

Decrease again on both sides and repeat the last two steps.

When you are down to just one peg, cut the yarn, leaving a 15 ” tail, you will use this tail to weave and close the top of the hat.

Go to the next group of nine and repeat the process.

Once you have all four of the groups of 9 completed, you will turn the hat inside out and seam up the edges, with the 15″ tails you left, to close off the hat.

Add a ribbon to the ninth row, where there are two purl rows together. Tie a little bow.

I think I’m going to get a “Future Grandma” tshirt made up for myself! heh heh


3 responses to “Grand Daughter Hat

  1. Hey, this hat looks sooo cute! Good luck for having a grand daughter in the future!
    I’m still working on having just a daughter (insert sigh here) and I think a hat like this would be very cute for her. But, let me give you a warning: a t-shirt might be just a bit too much pressure and the cause you’ll have to wait even longer 😉 You know how guys are…

  2. Thanks!

    🙂 My sons are used to me being silly about being the only girl
    in the family. I will be thrilled beyond belief when the time comes and I get a grandchild, boy or girl!

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