Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are in town for several shows this weekend at the St Louis County Fair and Air Show which is at a small airport near our home. They have been practicing for a few days and they fly right over my house. I can’t even come close to describing the sound of these jets flying over your house. So, I thought I would take a few pictures.

August2007 029

Totally missed the jet, because I was standing with my mouth wide open and screaming OMG! The jet was so close, I could see where the pilot sits in the cockpit! Took my breathe away! I waved to the pilot. How silly is that?

So I waited, cause there are always at least two of them, usually one right after the other. This is what I got and I was lucky to get this shot, cause the adrenaline rushing through me was intense!

August2007 030

Here is the other shot I got. Totally missed the sky, but got a good shot of our pool deck!
August2007 023

I’ll keep trying for a better picture!


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