Casting on with needles!

Ever since I took up loom knitting, I’ve been curious about re-learning needle knitting. I had a short two hour course on knitting on needles about ten years ago, and it just didn’t stick. This weekend, I took some leftover yarn and picked up the two double pointed 15 needles I had purchased for that class ten years ago. I practiced the knit and the purl stitch. Knit a few, purl a few, it was fun!

This morning, I decided that if I am going to knit with needles, it is going to be a big project, not a hat or scarf, because I can whip those out easily on the looms. I had purchased a cropped cardigan sweater kit that was 60% off from a LYS in Steamboat Springs when I was there visiting the college with my son. So, I’ve begun my first ever adult sweater and on needles. Why not just jump in feet first?! If I’m gonna do something, I’m doing it big! Mind you, I have no idea yet how to do anything but knit and purl stitches…no idea how to bind off. I’ll worry about that when I come to it! It will be a long time until I need to cast off anyway, as I’ve completed only 3 rows which took me like two hours!

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on loom knitting.  I love it!  It’s fast and easy.  I love it so much that if you are in my presence and you happen to mention that you would like to learn, I whip out my Introduction to Looming packet I’ve created and give you a loom and a ball of yarn and a quick lesson to get you started.  I catch a lot of crap from Hubby and sons….whenever this happens.  They say I am like a knitting loom crack dealer, here try this!

Want to see more of those awesome Blue Angel jets that I’ve been so excited about? Click here. Hubby got this shot on Sunday when they flew over the house!



3 responses to “Casting on with needles!

  1. Well good for you! Nothing like just jumping right in 🙂

    Aren’t those planes a tad noisy when they fly over??

  2. Oh yes! The sound is frightening. The whole house vibrates. You can’t help but understand how scary it would be to be in a place of war, and the fear that would overcome you hearing jets fly over your home.

  3. Yeaa! I have been waiting for you to put yarn on needles! Relearn as you go, ask for help if you need it! I guess you know about

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