Taste of Germany

Feeling better today! Thank goodness for antibiotics when you need them.  Yay! Check out the Taste of Germany kit I got from Bockstark Knits. It is hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite is the MariSilk in the center of the picture. I am certain I am going to want a LOT more of this!

MariSilk is 70% silk and 30% sea cell and soooooooooo soft!

Sept2007 070

Here is the finished Malabrigo scarf I made with the Waves of Lace pattern. I made it long, about 70 inches. It is a killer, soft scarf! I’ve only blocked the left side, so the right side is much skinnier at the moment. I like the backside of this scarf as much as the front. See the difference between the right (back side) and left (right side)?

Sept2007 077

Here is my progress so far on my needle knitted sweater. I’ve got a long way to go! I am enjoying the knitting, even though I am clueless as to whether I am knitting it correctly! I think I’ll stop by a LYS where I bought these needles and just see what they say. I really ought to just sign up for a needle knitting class. But I kinda like figuring it out.

Sept2007 072

I haven’t done much weaving, as I stripped the end blocks on my Beka, and am waiting for replacements. I was really careful with the ends, I don’t know if they just wore out, or I wasn’t as careful as I thought I was. Here is the shawl so far.

Sept2007 075


One response to “Taste of Germany

  1. I was thrilled with finding your Beka Loom warping series of posts. I’ve since been reading your blog in one go. It’s been lots of fun. Congratulations n diving right into the needles version of knitting. The shawl on the Beka loom looks gorgeous! (I have to wonder what yarn you are using for warp and wefts!)

    I keep hoping for more enlightenment on warping a rigid heddle loom. I thank you so much for what you given us. It’s shockingly hard to find instructions on the Web, and books are expensive.

    I just had to stop here and ask if you’d consider more often spelling out in really specific terms what you mean by things like “stripped the end blocks” on your loom. I get that generally the end pieces must no longer hold the warp properly. I’m just fascinated to know better exactly what happened to the loom pieces….

    I think you may have a following of others like me who either don’t even have a loom *yet* or have one but no instructions, etc. I’m just too broke for the time being to buy a loom so far… yet I can’t just put away the interest in this!

    Enough running on from me for now… Keep it up, loving reading this!


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