What I’ve been up to

Every day it seems that I find another project I just can’t wait to start. I already have far too many projects in progress…but that doesn’t seem to stop me.

Check out Lime and Violets Daily Chum and you too will be inspired to start yet another project!

I finished a loom knitted purse this week. I may have to work on the flap, as it is rolling. In the picture, I am blocking it, to see if that does the trick.

I’ve had a scarf on my Ashford Knitters loom for weeks. The pattern calls for 8 different yarns. I can’t seem to focus on this, the switching yarns just seems too time consuming.

Since I have no problem frogging a knitted item, I decided that I shouldn’t let the knitters loom sit unused and I cut off the warp.

I do love the pattern, I just can’t seem to concentrate on the number of yarns used. So, now, instead of a scarf, I have a cute little coaster.

One of the reasons I was also anxious to get that warp off my loom is I ordered yarn from Doodlebirds Creations. I love this shop! I instantly knew that I wanted to weave with the colorway Courage and emailed and asked that she suggest a solid color to match. She dyed up an awesome Navy Blue that will be perfect! I can’t wait to see how they will blend together once woven. I will be warping the loom this week!

I received an awesome package this week! Laura from the newly renamed The Handpainted Sheep sent me this adorable little skein (and a tiny knitted sock pattern) in the colorway that was inspired by hubby’s photo. I had commented to her on her blog that I may never get to knit up the skein, as hubby is so proud of it that he has it prominently displayed in our living room, alongside his framed photo! Thank you Laura! What a great surprise and how very sweet of you!

I’ve come to my senses. After ripping back several times on the sweater I am knitting with needles, I decided to try a smaller project for my first needle knitted adventure. I will finish that sweater one day!

I am totally in love with Lorna’s Laces, Lion & Lamb…50% wool and 50% silk. Oh my, how wonderful this yarn feels in your hands. And it is so pretty! Here is what I have on my needles(It is just so fun to actually say “what I have on my needles heh heh ):

The colorway is Watercolor. The pattern is The Corrugator, a garter stitch scarf. You can find the free pattern here. This is the perfect project for a first time needle knitter! Only two rows repeated in the pattern. I am very very slow with needle knitting. But I am enjoying each and every row!

And lastly, a photo of a few visitors to our quiet lake this week!



One response to “What I’ve been up to

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous Corrugator that’s going to be! You’re doing great.

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