Sunday, full of fun Sunday

It is a beautiful breezy day today.


I started the day by snagging the leaves that had fallen into the pool. I like this job. It is similar to my “please don’t eat me next” game I have forever played with food on a dinner plate. I truly love playing this game with the leaves that have been silly enough to land in our pool. The joy and accomplishment of snagging every single leaf in the leaf snagger/skimmer on a long stick may seem strange to you, but to me, it is FUN!

So, after the leaf snagging, I was sweaty and decided I needed a shower right now. Took the shower, got out. Thought to myself….”There are no kids in the house all day.” Son #1 and Son #2 are off in college, and Son #3 is visiting his mother in Texas. Just me and hubby, home alone. And hubby is off to the hardware store, so I’m totally home alone!

About this time, I think about this lovely windy breeze coming in through the open sliding door in our bedroom. Right then and there, I decided today is the day I sit around NEKID all day long. Need a soda? Walk to the kitchen totally nekid and get one. Need a tape measure to measure your progress on your needled knitted Yarn Harlot One Row scarf? Slowly and confidently walk nekid to the other end of the house and get yourself one.

If you ever get the chance, you should really have a totally nekid in your own house day!

I even have pictures! Look:


Sitting up nekid in bed, I read the entire funny and inspiring Crazy Aunt Purl book, enjoyed knitting on the scarf and listened to The Satellite Sisters podcast. I was totally enjoying the fun of this breezy nekid Sunday. Out of nowhere, I hear a bang. Then another bang. Crazy, loony neighbor has chosen today, MY NEKID FUN breezy SUNDAY, as the day to practice with his <shiver> gun. Sure, the neighbor lives across the lake, on his own 3 acres and is certainly entitled to buying guns and actually shooting them…but doing so totally gives me the right to refer to said neighbor as crazy and loony.

Hubby just came home from the hardware store (hardware stores excite my husband as much as a yarn store does me) and stated “OMG you are still nekid!” I just smiled hugely. This is so fun!

I stopped knitting so that I could take a look at the blogs in my google reader waiting to be read…and to top off my Sunday fun Sunday, I discovered that I won a blog contest/prize on Knitterella’s massively inspiring blog! Yahoo Mountain Dew!


What a fun Sunday!


One response to “Sunday, full of fun Sunday

  1. Lucky you that the weather was nice!

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