The Chopin Manuscript – up to chapter five

Have any of you downloaded the newly released The Chopin Manuscript from Audible? I just finished listening to the fifth chapter. The chapters are released for download a few chapters at a time, once a week.

I so wish there was a sixth chapter ready to be downloaded! I am very much enjoying this series. Each of the writers have done a great job at introducing you to the cast of characters. I find myself rooting for Harry already!

If you like to read books with mystery, adventure, intrigue you really should add this series to your audio collection. For more information on the series, click on the link above!

If you haven’t tried an audio book yet, you are missing out! There is no better way to lead a multitasking life and still enjoy good books at the same time! I do NOT work for Audible.  (Although they SHOULD hire me!  heh heh)   I am an avid reader and I can’t tell you how much I love Audible and audiobooks! There is something about being read to, that has forever been comforting to me, and the sheer number of books I can “read” listen to in a week makes me so happy!

Check out audible today! And I’d be thrilled if you put me (RiverCitySTL) as the referral!


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