First week of October

Big post. My computer went belly up last week, so I am working on an old laptop. Aargh. I am nearly done with the Yarn Harlot One Row scarf. I got bored, so I cast on another project!

I bought this Knit Knack Kit awhile back and now that I am knitting with needles, I decided to knit a pattern from the kit. The pattern’s are easy, there are 25 patterns, printed on portable card stock, even includes a (cheap) circular needle. The kit comes with excellent, simple instructions on how to knit, was inexpensive, I did not buy it online, I bought it at HomeGoods department store for I think $9.99 and would make a great gift for someone that might be interested in starting to knit. There are several patterns I plan to make from the kit.

I am making the shawl pattern in the kit. I am using Cider Moon’s Glacier, June Carter.The pattern called for 100 grams of yarn. The skein has 110 grams. I obviously knit at a different gauge, because I am certain I am going to run out of yarn. The bad part is Cider Moon has been dealing with some legal problems, and it is difficult to find ANY of their yarn anywhere. If you have a skein of Glacier, June Carter and are willing to sell or trade, please let me know! Update:  I found a trade partner and I will soon have the second skein to finish this June Carter shawl.  Yahoo!!  I really like how the shawl is coming out, and I LOVE the yarn.

I haven’t blocked the shawl as it I am still working the pattern on the circular needles.

I also finished a small wallet sized purse. I knit the wallet with Frolicking Sea Maidens, a shetland wool from Flawful Fibers & Yarns, using the Harlot’s One Row pattern.

The adorable flower on the wallet is from a blog contest I won at Kniterella‘s site. Kniterella’s blog is one of the blogs I read faithfully. She is very talented and inspirational! The flower pin is available at her shop.

I participated in my first trade with another blogger, Gloria. She had accidently ordered two copies of The Best of Interweave Knits and I was going to buy that book anyway. So we traded. I sent her yarn from my stash in exchange for the book. I hope she likes them! I love the book! She even included a surprise! A set of stitch markers, my first!


For loom knitters:

UPDATE:  The loom has been sold.  Thanks to all that inquired.  I have way too many looms. Many of which I have never even used. Starting with a never used 48″ Infinity knitting board from Decor Accents. It is a beautiful loom! Retails for $52.00 plus shipping. There is usually an up to six week delay if you order the loom directly from Decor Accents. I’ll mail this one to you immediately! Send me an email at Rivercitystl AT gmail DOT com if you are interested!


One response to “First week of October

  1. I really like the triangle shawl here–nice colors!

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