A Delicate Balance

Thanks to everyone that commented and emailed regarding my last post. While it was written as a release for my inner fears, it was heartwarming to hear from you all.

We were lucky to have Son #1 and his girlfriend visit us this weekend! We all went to see hubby perform in the play “A Delicate Balance” by Edward Albee. The play is a 1966 Pulitizer Prize winner and was a portrait of two troubled families. One family is so afraid to stay in their own house that they move in with the neighbors. Wouldn’t that be something, just show up and move into the neighbors extra bedroom? hehe

Even though the play was written in 1966, it is timeless. Families, individuals experience trying times no matter the decade. Life is indeed a delicate balance. If you are in the St Louis area, the play is at the Gaslight Theater and the last shows are this week Thursday – Sunday. The neighbor”Harry” is my adorable hubby!

While I did have a bunch of knitting to show off, I gave most of it away to Son #1 and his girlfriend. I couldn’t for the life of me find where I had laid down my digital camera, so I didnt’ get any pictures. I found it today and did take some pictures of my June Carter Shawl and I love it!

Son #2 has requested a pair of convertible mittens so I am teaching myself how to knit with double points. It has been a challenge, lots of ripping out, starting over, but I am enjoying the process. I really am enjoying knitting with needles. I haven’t touched my looms in over a month.


3 responses to “A Delicate Balance

  1. Congrats at learning to knit on double points. It’s one of those things that either you love or hate. Me? I love it because there aren’t any seams to sew. lol.

  2. It’s great to hear that you are knitting. I love the shawl is is beautiful, and double points that’s impressive. I can’t get past my circulars, but I’m trying. Maybe once I feel I’ve learned enough I tackle the dpn’s. I too have not touched a knitting board or loom in a while (other than to make the hairnets my SIL is selling for me) and quite frankly I’m not missing them at all. Although, if I needed to knit a scarf my board would be the first thing I would pick up.

  3. hey tam- i hope you had a wonderful time if colorado!!! on friday i was a walking Tamara store. i was rockin a hat, a purse and the “hobo” gloves that you made and now i have a bunch of friends on my ass to find out if you are willing to make them some things. They fell in love with the “hobo” gloves are willing to pay you 10$ a pair. if you are interested let me know, they even said that they would pick out and pay for the yarn!
    to add to that, i have a couple of girlfriends who have told me multiple times to ask if you would make them some things…they are willing to pay as well. they mainly want hats.

    let me know… you could make some extra pocket change, ( i only ask for 10% of your total earnings since they are my friends… hahahaha just kidding!)

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