Frugal Knitting Tools

Since I’ve taken up needle knitting, I’ve been frugal in my search for knitting tools. I purchased an entire set of straight needles from a estate sale. They are long, and mostly plastic and metal needles. I prefer bamboo needles and I knew I needed to find a set of circulars and double pointed needles. So my search began.


I found this set of double pointed needles on ebay. What an awesome buy! Bamboo double points size 0 – 10.5 Very nice needles, smooth and just perfect for a beginner on double points. Excellent price under $20 for the entire set! Check out the seller here.

My second great buy was made at Tuesday Mornings. A friend of mine mentioned that Tuesday Morning sold a set of interchangeable circulars that is regulary priced at $69.99 for $29.99. I saw this set in Hobby Lobby for $69.99 today.  I love this set! While I have a set of KnitPicks Options on my Christmas want list, this set from Tuesday Morning is perfect for the frugal shopper!

I’m so exited that I now own lots of needles, without breaking the bank, for just about any project I’m ready to cast on!


One response to “Frugal Knitting Tools

    I too have the KnitPicks on my Christmas list, but the ebay one’s Oooooooooweeee! what a deal, I so broke down, my bank account is wimpering. Not only did I buy my loom stand and extra heddle, but now I have needles too ;0. Is there a 12 step program? haha. Have a great weekend.

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