Shaking my head

when you mix this



with this

You get a trip to the ER! Hubby rolled the go cart. Now, you should know, Hubby is on the wall of fame at said ER. A few years back, he had two trips to the ER, exactly two weeks apart. Not once, yes twice, he yanked the fishing pole line that was stuck in a tree and wham the lure implanted itself in his head. Once in the cheek, once on the forehead.

So this trip to the ER, I’m sitting with the gal filling out the medical information and she asks “Has Hubby been seen here before?” I smile and reply, “Why, yes…there were two incidents with a fishing lure.” She replied “Oh!, I was here when he was checked in on both of those occasions. He’s on the wall of fame here! Everyone in the ER looked at him and shook their heads!” I just smiled and appreciated the pity the woman had for me in her eyes.

So, Hubby gets an xray, and is waiting to see the doctor. He sends me out to call the producer of the show he is performing in, to let him know that 1. He is in the ER and 2. He fully intends to be ontime for the show. (He was on time and performed in a LOT of pain.)  I have to go outside to make the call, so I set down my knitting on the chair next to Hubby.

I come back in, now mind you, I’ve been gone a total of no more than three minutes making the phone call. Hubby greets me and says The doctor looked at xray and it’s not broke, lets go!” Now, Hubby has repeated these words to every single person in sight “I have a show in 3 hours, we need to speed this up.” So, I think to myself, sure, you spout off about how you want out of here as quick as possible, and the hospital staff knows that they are getting their $900 for this visit no matter what, so off with you, more time for me to do another sudoku puzzle! So, I have the, “I don’t believe you” look on my face. But, yes, he was wrapped in a ace bandage and sent on his way…wasn’t even given an aspirin.

We get in the car, and Hubby tells me “So, the doctor and nurse walk in to see me, they take one look at my hand, then they notice the knitting sitting on the chair beside me and one of them says “You’re knitting?” he he

I wonder if there is a “Shake your head syndrome pilot” somewhere in the medical research field, because I would make an excellent study.


3 responses to “Shaking my head

  1. Ouch! That looks painful. I know that I would probably not be able to move just from the bruise. Glad he is okay and chippery 🙂

  2. OUCHY!! WOW that looks nasty and painful, I glad the hubby is okay. My hubby has a go cart and had done that been there also, boys and their toys…. hehe. Much like us and fiber 😉 LOL

  3. Wow! Congratulations hubster! As long as you had fun though… right? Hope you don’t use power tools! tee hee! (Just kidding!) Maybe the problem is that you should have married a nurse or a doctor – think of all the time it would save on those long drives to the ER… I realize as an (almost) perfect stranger I shouldn’t be so hard on you but I understand Mama’s position perfectly having married someone with similar talents myself. :o) Well at least she can’t say life with you is boring, eh? Does this mean we should’t tell you to ‘break a leg’ before you go on stage? (giggle!)

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