College Visit

This past weekend, Hubby and I spent four days

in Colorado with Sons #1 and #2.


Hubby rented a Hummer H2, which was of course, a hit with the boys! There was talk of an off-road adventure…in which I, the Mama, gave the evil eye. Funny how the men in my life know just what will grant them Mama’s evil eye!

Our first stop was at The University of Northern Colorado, where Son #1 is a Senior. <Gasp I have a son that will graduate from the university in May> Son #1 for the first time has his own apartment, only a block from campus. It was obvious that he had spent a good deal of time cleaning up before we arrived. The bed was made, every item of clothing had been laundered AND folded, you could see the carpet in every room, etc. This picture shows Son #1’s rock and crystal collection.

One look in the refrigerator caused a loud gasp from this Mama. It contained a jar of mayo and a jug of water. That’s it. Definitely a trip to Super Walmart was in order! Off to the store we went and we filled up his fridge and Mama was once again happy.

Hubby threatened Son #1 with wanting to attend his last class of the day. I perked up that I wanted to too! Son #1 gave us both the Are you out of your friggin mind look. We walked with him to campus and what a beautiful campus it is.

After Son #1’s class, we loaded up the H2 and headed to Steamboat Springs to see Son #2 at Colorado Mountain College. Steamboat is one of this families favorite places. The air is fresh, the views are amazing and the town itself is just so wonderful! Son#2 is very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

We arrived at the dorm and much to this proud Mama’s glee, Son #2’s bed was made, laundry was clean, etc. We took a trip to Walmart to get him some grocery’s, cause Mama likes to know that her boys are eating!

We had a lovely dinner at the 8th Street Steakhouse where you pick out and cook your own steaks. We also took a hike to see the waterfall at Fish Creek Falls.

It was a wonderful, memorable visit. It has been many years since Hubby and I have had this much time alone with the boys. I’m a joyful Mama!

to see more pics go to: HERE


One response to “College Visit

  1. Talk about your breathtaking view!! I think I’ll stow away in the trunk the next time you go! LOL!! You’ve found a gem of a holiday spot!! Cute sons & smart to boot!! You ARE one lucky mom! :o)

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