WIP – It’s all about the color and texture

Not unlike many, I have quite a few works in progress. I really don’t plan to start new projects, they just happen.

I’ve only a few inches left on my corrugator scarf. This is an awesome free pattern that I plan to make several scarfs with. I just love the color and the feel of the Lorna’s and Lace Lion and Lamb yarn.

While on the car ride from Steamboat Springs and on the plane ride home from Denver, I started a second One Row Scarf in the most beautiful sunflowers colorway, a Laughing Rat Studio merino wool. The one row pattern is one of my favorites, not only because it is one row to remember, but because I love the way the finished item looks.

I had purchased about 10 skeins of recycled silk yarn on ebay months ago, and while looking through my stash, I rediscovered it. I thought, “What a pretty purse this would make.” So, I started a Himalaya Tote from Knitting Daily’s site. (A free pattern!)

When I was in Colorado, I cast off the second hat for Son #2 and I had brought along size 2 double points to give a try to my first needle knitted sock. Remember the cute mini sock pattern and hubby inspired skein I received? All went well until I got to the turning of the heel. I’m not sure I understand how to do it just yet. So I’ve put this project in time out for now. I’ve found that I enjoy knitting with double points. However, every mitten project I’ve started with them, I’ve ended up frogging once I got to a complicated part in the pattern. A hurdle I’ll need to accomplish. Which I am sure I will, I learn more everyday.

Also while in Colorado, a friend of Son#1 came to visit, and brought along two skeins of yarn. She asked me to make her a hat with it. I proudly said I’d love to! The yarn is fuzzy and thick. I broke not one, but two circular needles working on the hat. So, I had no choice but to try to find a circular needle replacement so that I could finish the hat.

There aren’t any yarn shops in my immediate neighborhood, so I decided to stop in at Michaels and see if they had the needles I needed. They did not. But, they did have one heck of a sale on yarn! My eyes were drawn to the Patons Shetland Chunky yarn. I purchased two skeins in different colors and thought about what I would make with them on the drive home.

I have printed out more patterns, purchased many books since I took up knitting earlier this year. And since I am sorta tired of knitting hats and scarves, I thought I’d look through the stack and see what I could find. One of my favorite books, Mason Dixon Knitting inspired my newest project. This book has so many inspiring patterns, it is almost always the first book I go to find a new project.

Circle of fun rug. Fast, easy pattern. And the colors I am mixing just make me smile with glee!

I do have a finished project to show! This hat and scarf was a very fast knit on 10 1/2 needles.  Berroco Hip Hop bulky yarn.

On the weaving front, I really haven’t touched my looms since I took up learning to knit with needles in October. I have had these two projects on the looms since September! I’m sure I’ll get my weaving mojo back as soon as I conquer a few of these needle knitted projects!

Now, you might say that I am more excited about the process of the projects than I am with a finished project. That may be somewhat true, but I LOVE it when I finish a project and I can strut around showing everyone (that will look) at what I have made! I think bottom line, I am a sucker for color and texture. I love having a variety of both color and texture within my creative reach.

Hubby’s arm update! It is healing, the bruising is going away and the wound is itching and hard as a rock. It’s a daily, let me see your arm today kinda thing. Thanks to all that wrote with concern!


3 responses to “WIP – It’s all about the color and texture

  1. I think we’re working with the same Lorna’s yarn (as shown in your first pic here). Take a look at yesterday’s post with photo, if you have time. I am wow’d by all of your WIP! And that mini sock couldn’t be cuter! Good luck with turning the heel.

  2. Love the first scarf-

  3. The tote you’re making with the recycled silk is giving me some encouragement! I bought the same thing on eBay – 4 skeins! – and am not too impressed with the spinning job on it – way too may ultra-thin spots! But a tote …. now there’s a project I hadn’t thought of for this yarn! I’m excited to see how yours turns out!

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