A hat for Jen

Here is the hat I finished using the two skeins of acrylic yarn held together.   The yarn was  given to me by Son #1’s friend Jen with the request that it become a hat, with a pom pom.   I broke two different circular needles making the hat, as the two different yarns were thick! I knit on a size 15 – 16 inch circular, simple knit stitch then K2tog on double points for crown. I then single crochet 3 rounds around the base of the hat using only the darker of the yarns.  It’s a cute quick hat!

Here’s a picture with me modeling. Isn’t that fever blister just lovely? I knew I would get one once I traveled to Colorado. I tend to get one whenever the temperature changes dramatically. I hate those buggers!


One response to “A hat for Jen

  1. WOW! That hat is FAB! It looks so soft & cuddly! She’s a lucky girl to have you make it for her too! Looks like you’ve graduated from beginner to designer!!

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