Organizing free patterns

I spent a few hours organizing the free patterns I had printed. I had purchased these awesome presentation books from Barnes and Noble when they were on sale for $3 each. I regret that I only purchased two of the binders…because guess what? I still have more patterns to store and need at least one more binder!

Here are a few of the free patterns that are on my to do list to knit:

Handspun Scarf

The Amanda Hat

Silken Ease Scarf

this site has a ton of free patterns!

I knit this hat from a free pattern from Sara Gilbert, the IAD (dulles) hat. I used Malabrigo with size 8 dpn’s. A very enjoyable knit. I knit the adult large size and it is perfect!

I am knitting fingerless mittens to match in the same Malabrigo colorway. I knit with size 5 dpn’s in a 1 x 1 knit purl ribbed cuff for 6 inches, then I knit one row, then knit 3, purl 1 the next row and repeat these two rows. Then when complete, knit the sides together leaving a space for the thumb. Easy!


3 responses to “Organizing free patterns

  1. Have you signed up for Ravelry? It will totally change the way you organize and plan your knitting. I hear the wait is only a couple of weeks now!

  2. Yes, I have been on Ralvery for awhile now. I love it!

    My name on Ralvery is RiverCitySTL……friend me!

  3. I totally sympathize with the free pattern situation!! I have too many and I want to make them all! LOL! Those binders are really cool! It took me about 3 tries to finally sort and store all mine in some kind of order. Funny how my tastes in patterns has evolved since I started collecting too! Thanks for the links for more!! X-)
    I love the purple colorway of your hat & fingerless gloves! Pretty spiffy! Your knitting sure doesn’t look beginner-ish it looks more accomplished knitter-ish! I’m impressed!

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