Hat, Scarf, Booties and a Rug…Oh My!


I wove the scarf on my Ashford Knitters Loom using

Doodlebird’s Courage Nifty Wool yarn.

The hat is my new favorite (same hat made in previous post.)



The booties are a gift for a friend who is expecting. Soooooo cute!

Its hard to believe my sons size 11 feet ever were this small!

Baby Bee Sweet Delight

Surfmommy #38 and Crayons Ombre #115

Size 3 circulars

I guess I am a yarn snob. This yarn is acrylic, and it splits like crazy.

I figured it would be best to make baby items out of acrylic.

Oh well, the yarn is pretty knit up!


I am making progress on my Circle of Fun Rug. I am about half way done knitting the outside ring.


Here it is with just the center two sections. I hope to have the outside ring completed this weekend!




6 responses to “Hat, Scarf, Booties and a Rug…Oh My!

  1. The hat and scarf are wonderful! May I put them on my blog and in the gallery on the site?

  2. Beth,

    Yes, please do! You have the best yarn!!!

  3. You’ve been so busy! Everything looks wonderful…absolutely darling little booties…love the rug. Your stitches are beautifully even…Great Job!

  4. those booties are freakin adorable!!!!!!
    i love the hat and scarf as well… the martha stewart background sells it for you!!!!
    see you on Monday!

  5. I really love that rug and those booties – I could just eat them up!! I can hardly wait to see the rug when it’s done! I really like your loomed scarf! It’s so cool how the hat & scarf pair up texture-wise even though you used 2 different methods to make them! Way cool!

  6. I love it all, the hat, scarf (like to see that your weaving), booties and that rug, I need one like that LOL.. Your knitting looks great!

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