A year of knitting!

I’ve been knitting for a year! I have learned so much this past year, about knitting, weaving, podcasts, blogging and about myself! The sheep above was one of my Christmas gifts this year. Isn’t she sweet?

Son #3’s mother delivered twin baby girls on Christmas Eve. He delivered these cute booties for the new arrivals!


December2007 016

Greg’s Aunt was thrilled with her new shawl. Her mother was a knitter and she said that this is the first time, other than her mother that someone made something especially for her. I beamed πŸ™‚ It felt great to make this shawl for her and even greater to see her proudly wear it and tell the room, “Hey everyone, look at me!”

I received the “Knitters Book of Yarn” for Christmas! It is a wonderful book. Not your typical knitting book. I plan to read it cover to cover as it is full of great detailed information about yarn. It is a family tree of yarn, everything you could possibly ever want to know about yarn. It is a must have in my opinion! It also has some great patterns in it! I am making the baby soft cardigan for a friend who is expecting in February. I had the Blue Sky organic cotton in my stash and had never knit with it before. It is very nice to work with, and super soft!

Watch a great interview with the author, Clara Parkes here!

I also knitted my first dish cloth and discovered I really like knitting mitered squares. I’m thinking a mitered square throw will make it to my to do list for 2008.

I am also excited about knitting lace in 2008. This book inspired me!

Here is a great after Christmas buy I made! It is a container made to organize Christmas items. On sale at Sears for $5.99. I have organized my knitting tools…scissors, needles, stitch markers, etc. It is nice because each layer snaps into place, making it easy to get the item you need quickly.

Thanks to all that read my blog! I love being a part of the online knitting community. I’ve gotten as far as I have with my knitting thanks to your blogs and of course Ravelry! I look forward to learning even more next year! Look me up on Ravelry, my username is RiverCitySTL. I wish everyone a blessed and happy new year!


One response to “A year of knitting!

  1. Mitered squares!! You LIKE mitered squares?? I’m like SO impressed! Mine definitely don’t come out square so I eventually admitted defeat! You’re so brave – you amaze me!! tee hee! πŸ˜€

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