Watch out! Mama does cables!

January2008 009

Lucky 7 Hat

Dream in Color Classy #VM270

Size 7 US needles

There are three awesome things about the Lucky 7 hat.

1. free pattern here!

2. My first time knitting with the spectacular Dream in Color Classy yarn. This yarn has a boing to it…this nice little extra stretch. I definitely want more of this yarn!

3. My first cables on needles! Take the advice in the pattern and go to Wendyknits and get the tutorial on how to cable without a cable needle. A great technique. This is one technique I wanted to learn in 2008. I am amazed at how cables work. I’m so glad that I didn’t chicken out on trying cables! Yay me! I see many cables in my future!

I had hoped to have the hat finished to post, but I duplicated a few rows on the crown, and had to rip back. I’ve found that if I take a darning needle and a piece of cotton yarn, and thread through the stitches after I’ve ripped them out, I am less likely to drop a stitch. Then I just setup the knitting needle and pull out the cotton yarn. I am sure there are other ways to do this. I’ll post a picture of the hat on my head once it is complete!


One response to “Watch out! Mama does cables!

  1. 5 stars on your cables!! Move to the head of the class!! Thanks also for the tutorial link! I’ve done them myself without a cable needle but I picked up some good tips from this tutorial – very good pics too!
    Dolly looks so cute in her hat! You have every reason to be glad you learned about gauge on such a small project, not on a sweater like I did my first time at it! LOL!

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