Mama does cables, but not gauge!

My Lucky 7 hat is finished! I was so excited about learning how to do cables, that I didn’t even let the fact that I was no where near gauge for an adult hat. I’ll just ignore the fact that hubby said, “That looks a little small.” And I replied, “Oh it will stretch, no worries!” LOL!!! My baby doll looks warm in her new hat! I’ll go up several needle sizes and make myself a matching one!

January2008 010

5 responses to “Mama does cables, but not gauge!

  1. That would make an extra special baby hat for someone!…maybe that “not here yet” grandaughter you’ve been planning for. 😉

    Beautiful cables!

  2. Love the doll photo! How many times have I plunged into a new project with out doing a gauge first?! Can’t even count. Lovely hat. Lovely cables.

  3. I like the hat and the doll look so cute in it, don’t worry I’ve done that, been there also, we all suffer from it. So onward, you’ll be glad at least for the practice, can’t wait to see the adult hat!

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  5. I laughed when I found this site and particularly this post. I’m also turning 48 this year, I also started learning to knit last September, and I pulled my first cable experiment, a cap, off the needles about 3 days after you did this one. It is also too small! :-).

    I really liked the Lucky 7 pattern, with the smaller cables, and am going to go put it in my Ravelry queue.

    See my mini-hat here:

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