Surprise Gift

Check out what I got in the mail! One of my favorite fellow bloggers Monica, made me a moebius wrap! Wow! No one has ever knit ME anything before! The yarn and colorways are just fabulous! I’ve been wearing it around my shoulders this morning as there is a chill in the air, and it is so warm and comforting. I also like wearing it as a hat/scarf. I’ve just been having a great time modeling it! What a beautiful generous gift. I am honored to wear your work and am just thrilled!!

January2008 013

And as if the hand knitted moebius was not enough, she also included a nice soap gift set, with the most awesome smelling vanilla soap and a set of her beautiful stitch markers. Thank you so much Monica!!


January2008 014

January2008 015

One of my favorite things about being a part of the online knitting community is the gift of new friendships. Wonderful people I never would have met had we both not had a knitting blog. I’m inspired daily by other knitters blogs, as a matter of fact, I cast on new projects far too often because of that inspiration! Case in point: I cast on the Shifting Sands scarf late last night. Now, I already have several scarves in the works. This one is fun because I once again get to practice the cable stitch.

I’ve finished a few more mitered squares this week, and dabbled with a bunch of projects, but nothing major to show.

January2008 016

Oh, here is my new favorite snack. YUMMY!! I love chips with sea salt. These are crunchy pita chips seasoned with nothing but sea salt. They are baked and totally delicious!


One response to “Surprise Gift

  1. Yippeeeeee! I’m so happy that you like it!! It’s been a long time since I knit a gift – and it’s such a pleasure to have it so well received! New friends are always the best gift!!! Happy New Year! p.s. I hope you noticed the soap dish is a frog … as all knitters have recourse to one sooner or later ….. ROFL!!

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