Workin on those goals!

We’ve had the flu in our household the past few weeks. I had the fever and headache/bodyache so bad that I didn’t even knit a stitch for three days. You know I’m sick if that happens! I haven’t gotten much of anything done. When I was able to concentrate, I worked on the mitered square blanket, because it was easy peasy and didn’t tax my sore head much.

Hubby and I both are taking Chantex, the pill that helps you stop smoking….and it is amazing! I am on day two of no smoking, and other than a few sudden “I’d like to scream” moments, all is well! We are both really surprised at how well Chantex works. It essentially turns off the portion of your brain that craves nicotine. After 14 years as a smoker, I’m now a nonsmoker! It is really weird, doing something for 14 years every single day…then not doing it.

Hubby and I are both going to the gym! While he works out, I am walking the track. Before I got sick, I was up to 2.5 miles. I take my ipod and listen to podcasts, time flies!

On a sad note, my temporary position came to an end, they did not have enough work to keep me on. So, I’m out looking again. <sigh>

Hope you have a great week!


3 responses to “Workin on those goals!

  1. Good for you quitting! I just did it in October and although I have had a few hard weekends now that it has been so long I can’t let myself do it again! Spinning is what keeps me off the habit! Good luck.

  2. I’m so happy your quitting!!!! Yes!!! I’ve never smoked but do have a few friends that do, and I know it’s really hard. As for your cold/flu, rest, sleep, fluids and really – Jewish penicillin – chicken soup. Have a great weekend.

  3. Congratulations on quitting and walking. You’re doing great things for yourself and you’re never going to regret it. Just keep knitting and weaving and think how much yarn you’ll be able to buy with the money you’re saving! 😉

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