Patchwork carriage blanket

I started working on this baby blanket from my newest favorite book “The Knitter’s Book of Yarn” this week. I am using o-wool, colors 420202, 430203, 230002, size 7 needles. I am enjoying this, it has 4 patterns that are done in each strip: stripes, stockinette, seed and six-stitch cable squares.

I only have the first strip done. It is curling on the edges, so it will need to be blocked prior to attaching to the next strip.

I still have not sewn up the baby cardigan…well, I started to sew it up, using the mattress stitch, and was so excited about doing that stitch, that I sewed up the entire left side, and didn’t leave a space for the sleeves…so it is in time out right now! LOL

Not smoking is going good! There are times when I need to stand on my head (weird, but it helps!)

Here is a picture of my adorable nephew! His Daddy (my baby brother) was entertaining himself by putting eye glass frames on him while his wife was getting her eyes checked!


3 responses to “Patchwork carriage blanket

  1. The colors on your blanket are marvelous! (stitches look pretty perfect too!) Sorry about your job but a HUGE congrats on the smoking thing! Sort of a this is the cookie, this is the crumble, eh? Well I guess you can’t expect too much – after all, it’s still January! sigh! February will be better! LOL! (ya, like I know that for sure!)

  2. Absolutely love the baby pic, what a doll! Enough to want to pinch his cheeks to death heheheh.. Job – don’t sweat it you find something else, plus look on the bright side more knitting/weaving time( ha.) Good job on the smoking front, I’m totally impressed and wish you and hubby tons of luck to beat it.

  3. Hello. I was just wondering how your patchwork carriage blanket came along. I am thinking about it for my next project 🙂

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