Not yet finished

I have a lot of unfinished projects.

The mitered square blanket is a project I pick up a couple times a week and finish a square. I really like making them, but I really want to add more colors to the mix, I’m bored of just these 5 colors. I have 10 squares done, 70 more to go!

February2008 010

This is my car knitting project. This is the project I always have with me in the car, just in case I get stuck waiting somewhere and need to knit! I brought it inside to measure the length. It is the Checkered Denim Scarf from the book Quick Knits to Wear. It is a fun knit, I really like the checkerboard section of the scarf!

February2008 009

This is the progress I’ve made on the baby blanket and baby sweater. I ran out of yarn for the blanket and am awaiting arrival of more yarn. Both the blanket and the sweater need to be sewn together…which is something I am struggling (putting off) to do.

February2008 005
February2008 007

This is the status of my Tulip sweater. I got to a point where I am confused on what to do next, so this one is in time out, until I can get some help.

February2008 003

And last but not least is a project I picked up yesterday! I wanted a quick, does not need to be sewn together project. This project spiked my interest because I want to do cables. The pattern is from Knit Picks, Ring of Cable Hat. The pattern was in their latest catalog but you can also get it here.

February2008 001

This was so much fun. You knit the cable strip first. Then you kitchener (new to me trick) the ends together and then pick up stitches to start the hat portion. I am using Lion Brand Cashmere Blend yarn from my stash and size 8 needles. This time, I tried on the strip of cable and it fit around my head just fine….so hopefully I won’t end up with another doll hat!


4 responses to “Not yet finished

  1. I love ALL these projects! I could just eat up the stripey raglan that’s waiting for sleeves! Such nice fresh spring colors! I love the pink scarf too! Nice basket weave section! Nothing takes the edge off waiting like a secret emergency knitting project tucked away! 🙂
    I really love the colors of the baby blanket – so calming! And of course, your mitered squares – I’m just eating my heart out with envy – they’re all so perfectly square! Obviously made by a talented knitter! 😀 😀 😀

  2. p.s. Where did you find such NICE small wooden circs for your cable hat???? All I ever find are metal and bamboo. If you have a supplier I’m begging you to divulge it!! Pretty please???

  3. Bamboo cic’s…..I get them from this seller on ebay. They are great….especially the single points. I have worn out the 16″ size 8 circ at the join, I think I tend to twist too much. But I love them. They are cheap, under $20 for a set of like 10 different sizes!

  4. I really like your Patchwork carriage blanket in progress. 🙂 How do you like the O-wool? Is it soft?

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