ZarOne Scarves

February2008 035
Size 9 needles, ZarOne, Color 1068

Early in my knitting, I knit several scarves on looms using the Devo scarf pattern. While I like the scarves, they never really turned out like the picture of the needle knitted scarf shown in the pattern. I had purchased several different colors of the ZarOne yarn to make more. I decided to use one of the colors to knit the Devo pattern up on needles. I finally got what the pattern was calling for!

February2008 037

Size 9 needles, ZarOne, Color 94

Since I am very much enjoying knitting cables, I used another color of the ZarOne yarn to knit the Single Cable Scarf from OneSkein by Leigh Radford. Have I mentioned that I just LOVE cables? They are addictive like chocolate to me! I am powerless when it comes to cables. Hubby and I went to see a play last Saturday night (he only had to perform in a Saturday day show, and had the evening off.) In the play one of the actresses had on the most beautiful cabled sweater. I couldn’t concentrate on the play I was just thinking about the cables!

We are having an ice storm here today maybe even thunder freezing rain. Great day for a fire in the fireplace, and knitting!

February2008 034

4 responses to “ZarOne Scarves

  1. Those look great. LOL, you know you are a knitter when you are so fascinated in someone’s knit wear.

  2. I love those scarves, but what sort of loom are you using?

    Thanks so much for your compliments on my Tischdecke!

  3. I am having a serious case of fireplace envy! I LOVE the new look of your blog!!! So clean and fresh!! Your scarves are FAB!!! And you and your wonderful cables … you got me started on them again – now I have to knit a sweater!!!!!

  4. What a pretty cable on that scarf.

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