Help me before I go mad!



Knitting lace has been on my mind a lot the past few days. I found this fun pattern Knit Hilton Lace Edging for Pillowcases by Nancie Wiseman here.

I cast on and ran into trouble in row 3, not having the correct number of stitches, I end up with 18 sts. I frogged, cast on again. I repeated this several times, and even changed yarn and needle size, thinking the yarn or the needles were causing me to be off. I slowly and I mean SLOWLY tried to work row 3. I cannot get 19 sts. If anyone else has the time, I’d love to know if you can get 19 sts in row 3. It is driving me mad!!!!

I finished one of the mittens I was working on! As I exclaimed with glee at knit night on Thursday, “I just love cables!” I do! I really, really, really love them! There were 6 people at knit night this week…it was fun to meet fellow knitters in the area! If you live in the area, we meet Thursday nights at Kaldi’s in the valley. Thanks to Marji for showing me how to do a m1 without leaving holes!

February2008 044

I am really intrigued and want to make the fingerless Rovaniemi mittens found in the January/February 2008 Piecework magazine.


2 responses to “Help me before I go mad!

  1. Okay, I tried the first 3 rows in some worsted weight acrylic I have sitting next to my chair, and I was able to get 19 stitches on row 3. How many stitches are you ending up with? 18? The only thing I thought was a little weird with the pattern is that on row 2, you have to start with a yarnover. I wonder if you’re omitting that yarnover accidentally? That would have you at 18 stitches on row 3 instead of 19.

  2. Beverly,

    I think you are right! I put this pattern aside and started on the Hemlock Ring blanket…and I found that I was somehow dropping the YO there too. Thanks so much for your time and effort! I truly thought I was going nuts!

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