Proud Mama Announcement!

It is hard to believe that my first born son will be graduating from college this May. We are so proud of him! He not only is graduating in exactly four years (which is rare these days) but he is also the first person on both his father’s side and my side of the family to get a bachelors degree.

Son, your future is bright!


The University of Northern Colorado

announce that
knit Mama knit’s Son #1

is a candidate for the degree of
Bachelor of Science
with a major in Earth Sciences and

a concentration in Environmental Studies
Saturday morning, May tenth
Two thousand and eight
at ten o’clock
Nottingham Field
Greeley, Colorado



5 responses to “Proud Mama Announcement!

  1. Congrats Knit Mama Knit’s son #1!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! WOOHOO!! you must be proud, and just think how much more yarn money you’ll have once you don’t pay for school! hehe..

  3. Congrats to your son!

  4. Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see that not only is he completing school in good time, he’s also giving back with his choice of majors! Good job Mom & Dad!!
    aka JrzyGrlKnitsInNC (ravelry)

  5. Congratulations! My son also graduates this May, with a degree in Criminal Justice/Sociology. Woo hoo to kids graduating! I’ve got two more to go.

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