Mama does Entrelac

March2008 008

One of my buddies, Susan, at Thursday knit night is a teacher at LYS. I signed up for her Entrelac class, as I’ve been curious about entrelac. The first class was Saturday. We are making a scarf, using size 9 needles, and Trendsetter Tonalita yarn. While the yarn is pretty, very pretty actually, it is a tad itchy and very fluffy. It seems similar to that SWS yarn…just a tad itchy.

I’ll admit I had a hard time concentrating on the entrelac class, because I am so jazzed about my sock in progress. I spent Sunday working a little on the sock and a little on the entrelac. Which only seemed fair!

March2008 009

6 responses to “Mama does Entrelac

  1. Entrelac is very addicting.

  2. The entralac is gorgeous – I’ve always wanted to learn it…

  3. gettinitpegged

    Wow! That is very cool looking…I’d love to learn that technique!


  4. Entralac! Now I’m totally in awe! It’s my last Mount Everest (since I gave up on mitered squares). Maybe this summer….. Yours looks good enough to eat! Scratchy or not the colors ROCK! So does your sock! Can’t wait to see the finished pair!

  5. That Entrelac is so pretty!

  6. I have been wanting to learn this technique–I’m envious fo your class!…it looks real good–love the colors!

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