Mama has a sock!

April2008 009

Yahoooooo! I’m the crazy woman dancing around my house right now, because I finished my first sock! OMG I totally love it….it fits like a glove, and the wool feels soooooooooooo wonderful! I never want to wear anything but hand knit socks again! All you sock knitters out there are laughing, cause you know another Knitter has drunk the koolaid!

April2008 012


6 responses to “Mama has a sock!

  1. Looks really good. Congrats!

  2. Wow – that’s a beautiful first sock! My first sock was a mess!

  3. Looks great! Welcome to the club. 🙂

  4. Love the color–wow! nice sock!!!
    -I always knit on both socks at once–so I don’t end up with only one sock–since I have a bad addiction to startitus—

    thanks for your nice comment on my baby blanket;-)

  5. WHOOT, that is a very exciting feeling indeed!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!! love the colors, congrats on the sock, if I could find non animal fiber sock yarn I just might succumb to the addiction

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