Baby Sweater and Entrelac Scarf update

Several posts ago, I talked about a baby sweater I was working on. The pattern is free and can be found here.

I learned how to do picot bind off, where you cable cast on 2, then bind off 4 and repeat. This basically doubles the stitches you have tobind off and produces this beautiful dainty edge.

April2008 014

I did a google search on how to do a picot bind off and found this great tutorial on Knitty. I didn’t realize there were tutorials on Knitty. Knitty is one awesome site for sure!

Next up is crochet picot along the center and collar…I didn’t find anything on crochet picot on google, so I’m not quite sure yet how to do that! My crochet skills are very basic. The pattern states ” Crochet picot along center and collar. * slip crochet stitch 4 st, chain 4*, So I guess the slip crochet stitch is what I need to figure out first…we’ll see how it turns out! Then I’ll do the Tracery pattern on the sleeves, bind off and this project will be complete!

In other knitting: I’m into the third and final ball on my entrelac scarf. Entrelac is fun to knit, really not as hard as you might think, once you get into the swing of it and this yarn is just perfect for it!

April2008 015


10 responses to “Baby Sweater and Entrelac Scarf update

  1. Knitty is quite an awesome reference. I don’t think I would have progressed in my knitting skills quite as quickly over the last 5 years without Knitty.

    Very cute sweater!

  2. I just love the way that scarf looks, one of these days I will dive into the Entrelac waters!!

  3. that scarf is scrumptious!

  4. Love the scarf, I’m working on an Entrelac afgan which I’m really liking, once I learned the sequence it’s been a snap.

    The picot stitch is so cute, I’ve seen it on some pieces and it always makes everything look so feminine.

  5. Lovely projects! Entrelac is so addictive once you get into it. And your picot bind off looks fantastic!

  6. Very nice projects – love the pictor bind off! The scarf is very nice….

  7. I love that sweater!!!!! I’ve added it to my queue of must knits for future grandbabies. Thanks.

  8. It looks great so far! Yay!

  9. carley macaluso

    i love this pattern! it is SOOOO cool. oh and i showed all my flatmates the baby pics of Jesse- what a cutie!!!

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