Broken Needle and Redbox


I discovered Redbox movies recently…so I’ve been renting a lot of movies. I know that Redbox has been out for awhile, but I’ve never actually gone up to the kiosk and investigated how it works. McDonald’s has a promotion going, if you purchase a large drink, there is a promo coupon for a free Redbox rental. So, I’ve been buying large iced teas, and hording free movie rentals! What a deal!

Don’t even bother to ask what I rented. Funny thing about me, I can watch a movie, throughly enjoy it, and not be able to remember the name, or the plot of the movie two days later. This has caused me to rewatch movies by accident on many occasions. I’ll be watching a video and be 1/2 way through and think to myself, “hmm, this sure is familiar” only to find out that I WENT to the movie theater and watched it when it came out. Sometimes I shake my head at myself!

2nd of First socks

While enjoying my free Redbox movies, I worked on my second sock. I did the heel flap, completed the heel turn and was on my way down the foot, when SNAP! I broke one of my size 1 bamboo needles. I giggle now at the pure sense of outrage and shock that overcame me! How could my needle just break like that? Don’t the knitting gods know this is my second sock that will complete my first ever pair of hand knit socks? Minutes after the shock and outrage I smiled at the fact that if this is my biggest problem of the day, life was pretty darn good!

Since one of my needles was broken, I took a closer look at how my sock was coming along. I had knit through several fairly intense movies that took concentration, Elizabeth – the Golden Age and Gone Baby Gone both excellent movie choices. I figured it would be wise of me to take a close look at my work. Sure enough, I had dropped a stitch and mixed up another way back at the heel turn. So, I frogged all the way back to the heel flap. Now I just need to get another set of needles. Which means I need to take a trip to a LYS to purchase them, since size 1’s aren’t just available at the nearby Michaels. Woe is me, I HAVE to go to the LYS. heh heh


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